How it Works

Givz provides a platform for brands and merchants to offer a replacement to traditional discounts.

Read more below for an overview on how it works and how to get set up.

1. Install the Givz app

Visit the Shopify app store and start your free 30 day trial any time. Try it now.

Not using Shopify?  We work with all ecommerce platforms. Contact us.
Givz Shopify App
Configure your Incentives

2. Configure your Incentives

Choose which types of incentives you want to offer to your shoppers. Do you want to increase AOV? Sell through specific products? Just want to give back?

Using Givz you can do any or all of the above.

3. Promote your Offer

You can configure the Givz app to automatically promote Givz offers using site banners, pop-ups, and floating widgets.

But don't stop there. Plug into your traditional email, SMS, social media campaigns. By the way, we integrate with Attentive, PostScript, and more!
Givz Promotions
Givz Promotions

4. Shoppers choose a charity

After shoppers complete a qualifying purchase, they are prompted to select any charity of their choice (you can also limit which charities are available).

5. Givz does the heavy lifting

Navigating and executing co-venture agreements is difficult. Givz makes it easy.

Givz handles all the legal setup and distributes funds to charities for you. No need to track down the right contact and address for each charity!

6. Analyze and Grow

Measure your Givz incentive performance & track who is donating with built-in analytics. Create an end-to-end customer analysis by leveraging integrations with Klaviyo, Attentive, and Postscript.

By adding Givz to your marketing toolkit, you'll not only grow your top line, but also reduce your dependence on traditional discounts, AND give something back.

Ready to Givz it a try?