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How Givz Donations Drove a 7X Increase in Customer Engagement for H&M


With over 6M loyalty members in the United States already, H&M wanted to increase purchasing without offering yet another discount.

To activate current loyalty members (& attract new ones), they offered a $10 Givz donation incentive to loyalty members who spent at least $60.


H&M Loyalty members who spent at least $60 received $10 to support a charity of their choice. Unlike a discount or sale, customers completed full-price purchases.

H&M in return, completed $10 donations to the charities their customers care about most.


30%+ open rates on emails offering Givz donation incentives.

of Givz donation incentive recipients completed their donation compared to industry benchmark of just over 2% conversions from email.

cost savings versus traditional discount offer.

Spotlight Charities

Across their two initiatives H&M featured some wonderful charitable organizations who received significant support from H&M customers. In addition to the featured charities, customers used the Givz search bar to access our database of charitable organizations (1.5M+ at the time). This was particularly impactful as customers around the country supported local organizations providing COVID-19 relief efforts within their respective communities.

H&M Helps Communities Affected by COVID-19

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