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The Value-Driven Brand's Guide to Increasing AOV

Learn how to increase average order value by 30%, stay true to your brand, and boost customer loyalty for your Shopify store.
You'll Discover:
  • What conscious consumers expect from brands
  • How to calculate AOV boosting donation incentives
  • Which charities to support based on your values and mission
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“We are using Givz to entice customers to spend at least $200 to donate $25 to a charity of their choice. We highlight three charities a month and update the charities based on holidays throughout the year.”

— ZARA Terez Tisch, Founder & CEO of Terez

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What's a donation incentive?

Givz donation incentives offer the ability to donate to a cause when hitting an order minimum. For example, customers could donate $15 if they spend $50 or more, rather than get a discount for $15.​

What's in the guide?

A comprehensive document designed to give you all you need to start adding donation incentives to your marketing toolbox. Step-by-step walkthroughs, choosing the right incentive, marketing tips, examples and a launch checklist.​

Who have you worked with?

From startup to enterprise, we've helped companies achieve growth in all stages. We ran a series of national campaigns with H&M to help communities affected by covid-19 and in celebration of Pride Month.