The Alternative Guide to Marketing Your Shopify Store for Black Friday Cyber Monday

1. Givz has a strong history with BFCM

This is not our first rodeo with BFCM. In fact, we pivoted our business of the back of strong performance from Black Friday Cyber Monday.

  • 2019: We piloted our new model with 15 brands for Black Friday – Cyber Monday.
  • 2020: Reshaped our business and ran successful Black Friday Cyber Monday offers with 30+ brands. Completed a new round of fundraising with top-tier VC’s off the success.
  • 2021: Built & launched the Givz Shopify App so our brand partners can self-manage every detail of their Givz offer … and here we are!

➡️ We know Givz works for BFCM. Customers enjoy it and it’s less stressful on your margins.

2. The Givz Discount Plus Offer

This year we’re encouraging brands to set up the ultimate BFCM Givz play — we call it the “Discount Plus.”

Here’s how it works — set up your Givz donation incentive so that customers benefit from a 20% discount AND have the opportunity to donate 21% of their order value to a charity they care about. It’s the best of both worlds.

Of course, you are free to optimize the 20/21 as you see fit but we with think the 20 + 21 is a nice touch to celebrate 2021 and you can do 20 + 22 next year 😊.

As our product continues to evolve and brands become more saavy marketing their offers, redemption rates are starting to climb which is really exciting. We’ve recently launched an automated email reminder that is sent to shoppers who forget to complete their donation. Still, with the donation occurring post-purchase intentionally (so not to interfere with your shopping experience), there is some natural drop-off.

3. Why it works

Givz customers have consistently shared that donation incentives increase orders and cost less than traditional discounts — even when you include donations! Need convincing?

4. Don't forget about Giving Tuesday

While Black Friday & Cyber Monday are sure to dominate the headlines, remember that hot on the heels of BFCM comes Giving Tuesday. We recommend extending your offer for the full five days. Loyal Givz customers saw healthy sales employing this tactic in 2020!

➡️ Extend your Givz Discount Plus offer thru Giving Tuesday

5. Increase awareness of your Givz Discount Plus offer

➡️  Use your website’s site banner to share the incentive.

➡️  Set up an expertly timed pop-up to entice customers to take advantage of your offer.

➡️  Share your incentive across your social channels.

➡️  Let your customers know well in advance via your regular newsletter and consider a blog post to announce your offer.

6. Resources

🗓 Download the Givz November Monthly & find a day to celebrate ahead of BFCM

🎥 Learn how to set up donation incentive on our YouTube channel

📇 Read our Black Friday Donation Incentives: How to Ditch Discounts for your Ecommerce Store blog post

📇 Read our Black Friday Ecommerce: 25 Optimization, Marketing, and Giving Ideas blog post

⛹️‍♂️ Download the Givz Optimal Playz Playbook

💬 Chat with a Givz team member to review your BFCM strategies

👩‍💻 Install the Givz Shopify App