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Making a Difference
is Good Business.
Our charity donation offers outperform traditional discounts and allow you to support the charities your community cares about in a way that is sustainable year-round.
Everyone Wants to Do Good. We Make it Happen.
Charity meets commerce - create, schedule and automate Givz offers just like you do discounts. Givz provides monthly charity curation services for your brand and in response to current events.
Example Offers
All Orders
A customer who completes an order, selects a charity to receive a donation equal to 1% of their order value.
Spend Threshold
A customer who spends at least $100, selects a charity to receive a $5 donation.
A customer who purchases a specific product may select a charity to receive $5 donation.
A customer who uses code “XYZ” may select a charity to receive a $5 donation.
Built For Your Business
Create Givz offers just like you do discount offers, right in your Shopify Admin.
Speed Tested
No impact to the performance of your online store.
Guaranteed Charity Delivery
As soon as your invoice is paid, your charities receive their funds. We deliver funds to 1,000’s of unique charities every month with 100% accuracy.

And we help your business grow.

increase in average order value (AOV) for stores who set a spend threshold at 10% above their current AOV.
increase in conversion from stores who market their Givz offers on their homepage.
more revenue from stores who have A/B tested versus discount equivalent offers.

karma points & impact made possible by your social impact initiative.

Get started in minutes, install our Shopify App

Your first offer can be live, on your site, in less than 10 minutes. Our power users create, schedule and automate offers months in advance and pay a single invoice once a month to keep things running. Show your customers you care by attaching a special donation to their next purchase at your store.

What you’ll get.

Givz Offers
The ability to create, schedule and automate donation incentives as you do discounts.
Affordable Pricing
Stop overpaying for the ability to donate to causes your community carees about.
Turn offers ON/OFF in real-time as you see fit without extra charges.
Charity Curation
Monthly charity curation service to align your brand with relevant causes each month.
Data & Insights
Watch your statistic update in real-time from your performance dashboard.
Zero Admin
Pay a single invoice each month to cover costs and Givz ensures timely (automated) delivery to the charities your shoppers choose.

Trusted partner of the PayPal Giving Fund.

Our fully-automated charity donation disbursement process means the charities you and your shoppers support receive funds as you intended and in a timely manner.
registered 501(c)(3) charities for you and your shoppers to support with confidence.
sent to charity thru Givz initiatives
retail partners

Integrations with your favorite customer acquisition tools.

Market your Givz offers and build new customer cohorts within some of your favorite apps. With quick API intregrations from our partner platforms, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Ready to put your 💰 where your ❤️ heart is and increase your AOV?

Explore tools for your business.
Non-Shopify Ecommerce
Utilize our charity donation promotions even if you aren’t a Shopify store.
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Influencers / Individuals
Engage audiences with our Donation Crowdsourcer, the only one of it’s kind.
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