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Prospect Farms Launches Givz To Support The Causes Their Customers Care About

Prospect Farms Launches Givz To Support The Causes Their Customers Care About

It’s always exciting when a new company signs up to Givz, but Prospect Farms is one we’re particularly thrilled to welcome on board as they launch their campaign with us this week.

Prospect Farms is a seed-to-store provider of all-natural, organically grown, premium CBD products designed to help people and pets live well naturally.

It’s not just another “wellness brand” but an actual farm operating on a 253-acre manufacturing complex in the beautiful coastal town of Prospect, Maine.

Prospect Farms is a seed-to-store provider of all natural, organically grown, premium CBD wellness products designed to help people and pets live well naturally.

The company was founded in 2018 by Alex Liebster and Tom Arters, who both come from medical backgrounds, after running tests on products on the retail market and discovering many brands either had no traces of CBD or worryingly inconsistent doses and formulations.

Tom and Alex have spent the first two years of their business building the brand from the ground up, quite literally, as they worked to repurpose and rehabilitate the 400-year-old farm.

They partnered with Tom Davis – whose family has run a dairy business in the region for generations – to share his expertise in the trade and help them cultivate the land correctly.

Together, they have been able to produce some of the highest quality hemp grown in the United States using minimal fertilizers and instead, taking advantage of the farm’s own rich growing conditions.

Prospect Farms prides itself on being accountable and transparent in each step of its product supply chain while holding a firm belief that wellness is rooted in trust and authenticity.

Prospect Farms pet products are all organically grown in Maine and feature veterinarian approved formulations that are carefully formulated for your dog's size, diet and need.

Strong Community

Being able to give back to the town that has been home to their farm for centuries is something Prospect Farms is committed to and passionate about.

With health and wellness at the core of the business, it was important for the team to extend that to the local community.

The company opened their doors to residents who needed work and are now the single largest employer in the town, which has just over 700 residents.

They also integrate themselves into the fabric of the community, attending town board meetings, extending resources wherever possible, while co-founder Alex is a volunteer firefighter in the town.

From seed-to-store, all products from Prospect Farms are grown, formulated, manufactured, packaged and distributed from their centuries old farm.

Further Contributions

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Prospect Farms was forced to delay some of their plans for retail growth, but ultimately it allowed them to grow the ecommerce side of the business and they now have a strong web infrastructure in place to capture the shift of consumer spending to online channels.

However, as a company that has made trust and authenticity its mission, they wanted to move away from an online discount strategy and towards a more transparent model.

So when the team heard about Givz and how it can allow them to donate to causes that their customers care about on their behalf, it not only felt apt but intrinsic.

Each product sold by Prospect Farms has a corresponding Certificate of Analysis that can be accessed from their website so all consumers and regulatory bodies can easily access information for all ingredients.

Brad Tipper, CEO of Prospect Farms, said: “Giving back is part of being part of the Prospect Farms family. We want to show our customers that we care about what they care about.”

He explained that Prospect Farms wants to support organizations that are making an impact on helping people improve their mental health.

These include the World Federation for Mental Health, United for Global Mental Health, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Hope for the Day, and the Yellow Tulip Project.

“We founded Prospect Farms to help both people and pets with stress, anxiety and improving their sense of calm, and we continue to be humbled to have very passionate and empowered patients share their deeply personal stories about how various products have made all the difference in their lives,” said Brad.

“Having a small role in the improvement of well-being for so many people encourages us to work hard each and every day.”

Prospect Farms customers can expect to see Givz being incorporated in all areas of marketing, from email campaigns to pop-up reminders on product details pages.

Prospect Farms' 3 Tips To Make Your Business More Charitable

1. Communicate Your Brand's Impact

Bring awareness to the donations made possible with every purchase.

2. Align With Your Customers

Find the right charities that make sense for your business to align with.

3. Become A Part Of Givz!

The Givz Shopify app makes it easy to control campaigns, including starting, stopping, and customizing offers, and takes care of the backend admin

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